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7 reason to have a blog if you are a developer

5 min read

Having a blog is like having a pub, everyone has always tried to open one before, nevertheless, giving aside hospitality, here you will finde several reasons why you should create a blog being a developer:

  1. It helps you showcase your work

  2. Having a blog, like having a portfolio website, will let the world know what you have created something remarkable and will boost the confidence they have in you to perform tasks as a developer in a blog where you can show your previous experience and the previous projects in which you have taken part. This is especially useful for developers where they can show the applications they have created or the websites they have developed.

  3. It attracts an audience.

  4. Having a blog allows you to reach millions of people around the globe. Frontiers don't exist anymore and you can compete with the most talented individuals and promote your business and achievements.

  5. Establish authority

  6. Writing relevant content to attract an audience in your specific niche will help you grow and improve your professional image, a blog is your business card.

  7. opportunities to do networking

  8. Having a blog will create and develop engagement with other professionals in your field sector which will help you grow as a professional, gain experience and build relationships with your colleagues.

  9. Opportunity to learn

  10. Having a blog as a developer can help you grow current skills such as website development and design but it also will give you the opportunity to learn new skills such as social media, digital marketing, SEO, copywriting…

  11. Incredible personal growth

  12. The best way to learn something is to share it, once you share your knowledge with the people around you will experience a great growth

  13. It is an incredible business opportunity

  14. Having a blog can lead to business opportunities, not only as to getting potential customers or a job but also it provides good opportunities such as google adsense (for monetization via web traffic) affiliates, or it could become a platform to sell your own courses and classes.